Photography by Kristin | Rodgers

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This past Sunday I drove up to the Rodger's house to capture photographs of their family. It was a very blustery day and snow was falling. Greg and Deidre have 2 grown handsome boys, Mitchell and Wesley. Mitchell lives here in town and Wesley and his wife, Margie, are stationed out in California. The Monday before Christmas, as Deidre watched TV in her living room, the back door opened. She turned to see who was coming in....much to her surprise, Wesley and Margie had come home for Christmas. This was the first time that Deidre has seen Wesley and Margie in 18 months! Margie has just recently finished a deployment and she was happy to be home for Christmas too! Greg and Mitchell were in on the surprise...They were at home with Deidre watching TV and doing all they could to keep the secret of Wes coming home!
Thank yall for allowing me to capture these photographs for you....hope you enjoy!